What can happen when hope comes into the picture? As we go through life we often come across things that can hinder us. The things other people say are one of the most common ways that such discouragement can come. It's not uncommon for a label to makes its way into our heart, someone can say something in a single moment and in the next completely forget about it while the person who it's said to may hold on to it. Not to mention the fact that bullying is a very serious issue in our day and time. It's time to realize that we are more than the words that people may say about us, we are sons are daughters of a great God! He places hope in our hands and gives us strength to use our stories for his glory. 


Abbey's story is an important one. When other people speak words into our lives, we can sometimes find ourselves allowing those words to define us regardless whether or not they are true. Those words can start to become heavy, in the heavier they get the more they crush us. That weight can cause us to stay in that exact place never wanting to leave. Those words that were spoken over us by other people have become our reality and our definition. No wonder people go through life without any hope.

Lies takeaway hope. 

Likewise hope comes from the truth. 

So what then is the truth? The truth is that we can stand tall because we bare the mark of our Creator. We are made in the image and likeness of God meaning that he has already defined who we are. So when life comes against us with words that are not true in an attempt to define us as such, we can recognize them for the lie they are, it turn towards the truth. That We are made in the image of a God who cares and loves for us so much that he will give you a hope and a dream for tomorrow. 

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