Storage Boxes

These boxes are funny things when you really think about the fact that their original purpose is to hold things. Especially when you buy them from Home Depot in the moving section. Holding your junk is what these boxes are meant to do. This is the last time these boxes were used which really made me sad to think about. You see they don't just hold the words that are written across their outsides. For me they hold the message they help to deliver. 

When we were first writing this drama we were trying to decide how to use breakable mirrors and make an illusion and all this other nonsense. Yes that's awesome but no it didn't make any sense. What finally came out was this usage of boxes, that when assembled they had words on them. Little did we know that would almost become a theme for us creatively. (XMproductions- we put words on things.) Of course a cheap storage box was the first thing that came to mind. They were $1.50 each and could become anything we wanted.

Enter a girl who would fill these storage boxes with her life, her story, and her own demons. Not to hide away to unpack for later, but to move on from them.  As if to clean out their current residence and move to a new place never to see any of this stuff again. 

These cubical sheets of corrugated paper product became a voice, the voice of every insecurity, doubt and demon in our lives. That was the hope anyway (no pun intended.) It all came together nicely. It was a neat little drama that we hoped we would never have to do again.

We never wanted to see these boxes again after the first performance. It wasn't something we cared about. As the directors of a creative production company there were better things we could do. But then the first performance happened....... You never plan for the good dramas to be good, that happens from a number of factors and I watched them all happen with these boxes.

You take someone who has a story, one they are reluctant to tell, And then you give them power. 

I never dreamed this drama would become what it was. It was something that hurt me, but never realized it was hurting so many others. We hold to those things people say. We hold on to those things and we then repeat what people have said. So much that it is who we believe we are. The junk that builds up in our lives is stored in these boxes that then become walls. Things we can't get past and so we just become so accustomed to them being there. We just want to stay, it's easier that way. But what happens when someone gifted with power comes in?


Those boxes that are full to the brim with the junk we are all holding onto, those voices telling us who we are, get destroyed. I don't mean metaphorically, I mean this girl wrecked these things! We couldn't keep enough tape on hand to keep them together. You see that's what happens when you give someone who has a story to tell the power to tell it. You see how God destroyed those voices in her life, and you get to see her destroy those same voices on stage. 

They are not just boxes. They are full of a story. These photos are from the last day these boxes that have traveled the world telling a story will ever stand again. And I would be lying if I told you it wasn't a big deal for me. I had a moment shooting these photos. This isn't just the story of a girl who overcame people calling her ugly. No, this is a story reminding us who we are. Reminding me who I am. I am not these tattered piecemeal cardboard constructions. I am made in the image of my Creator. My identity is in the one who gives us the power to destroy the voices telling us different. We do not have to live under these walls, we are moving on. On to a new house, in a new land, to be who we are meant to be. So put all that junk in a storage box.


And light it on fire.