Going into 2019, I’m going to recap 2018. Due to the fact that we aren’t dead, none of us. Some of us are, however, moved around, moving up and growing up. The last year has been full of happy memories, sad changes and learning how to become the leaders.


I’m Kelly O’Connor. I’ve been involved in XM since I was a four foot five inch seventh grader. This last year has been a crazy time. We performed at WinterFest, we travelled to Dallas, we performed at Sparks Youth Camp and we went back to Kingdom Bound. I, along with Kate Callery, have been learning to lead our team and keep creating new ways to spread the messages of hope and Jesus. Kate and I have been helping lead since a couple years ago, but recently some of our adult leaders have moved away. So we have taken on leading this team as we enter our last year of high school. We are excited to move into a new year with our veteran XM members and our fresh little sixth graders.

We hope to do cool things bros. Thanks for listening. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

Pictures from 2018, during our blog hiatus, below.

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