When you go on trips the way we do, you have to pack strategically. The way this starts is with lists. I naturally make lists, it's just who I am, but one trip with us and people who are not usually list makers become them.

The lists we make for Kingdom Bound are:
•One for each interactive
•One for each drama
•Camping supplies
•Things we still need to make, put together, or build
•Things we need to buy

All of these lists get written down in multiple spots(the main one being our big dry erase board) and get checked off as we go. 
We have learned over the years that this is the best way to do things for us. Every trip we take has a similar packing feel, Kingdom Bound just requires a little more.

For this trip to Kingdom Bound:

  • We planned to pack the trailer the night before we left(Saturday). We met at 5pm and everyone brought their costumes with them.
  • Everyone was assigned jobs and they set to work on those things.
  • Each drama and interactive had its own box for what is needed.
  • Everyone took a hanging bag and hung their costumes in the bag. These were checked to make sure everyone had what they needed and then sat aside to put in the trailer when we packed it.
  • Sunday morning before church, we loaded our suitcases into the trailer. Anything that didn't fit in just came on the bus with us.

The act of packing the trailer is a science. This usually varies depending on what type of things we have to pack. We have to pack what we will need last onto the trailer first. Then we work from there. We do always hang our hanging bags on a ratchet strap across the trailer, and suitcases go in last.

Packing is always an adventure for us and we have it down to a science for the most part. Unfortunately, we are still human and occasionally miss things...which is why it's good there are Walmarts everywhere. :)