Kate is one of our veterans who helps us to write, choreograph, and run practices. She is a rockstar piano/keytar player and an actor on top of that. We're so happy she is getting to join us again this year!

"Kingdom Bound 2017 is just around the corner and we are SO EXCITED. This will be my fourth year to go on this trip and I am so ready to go. The week before we leave for the festival is always kind of crazy, but we always make it fun (and usually productive). I am so excited by the dramas that we are taking this year, they are each so powerful in their message and I’m excited to see God use them to reach people. One of my favorite things about writing these productions in the group setting is you can see everyone’s fingerprint on the finished project. The stories that we tell reflect some of the struggles that we have gone through and it is evident in the way they are performed. After all, you write what you know I guess.


Something we have tried to do this year in particular, is really push ourselves creatively with the writing of these productions. At the beginning of writing this season’s dramas, we sat down and talked about how we wanted to break away from our ‘mold’ of how most of our dramas were written and go to some deeper plot lines. We wanted some pieces that were less surface level. We spent countless hours at Panera just brainstorming ideas, and most of those ideas ended up not being used. Each production has gone through countless rewrites from beginning to end and I know at least one of them is STILL going through some edits. I’m very proud of what we were able to come up with as a team and it makes me very excited to see where we let our imaginations go to for next season. We have really grown and matured as a team and I’m so excited to be able to show these to people and allow God to work. See you at Kingdom Bound!!"