Emily is one of our artsiest ;) She is always willing to help us by drawing or designing something, but she has many talents and gets to use a lot of them with XM! 

"Hello, I'm Emily. :) In case you didn't already know, I LOVE being a part of XM Productions. It's so much fun practicing and performing with my drama family. Something that makes it such a unique experience is that everyone has a role to play. (Not just IN the dramas, but in the team itself) There are the mom friends, the carpenters, the dreamers, the I-don't-know-what's-happening-because-I-wasn't-listening people, and a LOT more. My role, however, is "the one who can art" lol. I love painting, drawing, and creating things, so I ALSO love seeing one of my passions being translated through the dramas. An example of this, wasn't very long ago. We were in the blocking process of "Heavy Dirty Soul" and we were trying to figure out how to create the ending sign... thing that says "SAVE US". We thought through several ways of portraying this.

1.) Painting the words (during the drama) onto the whiteboard that it's supposed to be on.

2.) Creating a graffiti font and spray painting it on ourselves.

3.) Designing and creating a vinyl sign that can simply attach to the whiteboard.

Denton asked me to design something that looks like graffiti, but can be turned into a vinyl. So I did. I was so excited when it was done and we could finally use it in the drama. I love what I do here at Xtreme and in XM, and I am blessed to have the opportunities that I do. The end lol."