Madison is loud and proud and ready to go pretty much all the time! She is such a great asset to our team!

"Being in XM is one of my greatest treasures.  I wish you could be at some of our practices or get togethers because we are CrAzY!!!  You learn a lot about a person when you see them every day of the week, spend 20 hours on a bus with them, stay up until 4 am making costumes or make shopping trips together.  Everyone has their own little role in our big family.  We all have our own creative areas and skills.  It's really cool to see everyone put their 2 cents into what we are creating, writing and building.  I'm the handyman.  You see, we don't have very many guys in XM, so Denton usually has me fix and build things because of my background.  I'm also one ofthe moms of the group.  Sometimes I'm literally cast as a mom, but for the most part - this means giving the other cast members food and trying to always be prepared. I guess maybe that’s the reason that I'm the one who usually stresses over everything that has to be done (and yes, yells too much).  And that's just me.  There's so much more to our group.  There are sound guys, writers, goofies, dancers, artists, musicians, longboarders, arguers, cubbies, and drivers. You get the gist. We are a rambunctious bunch, but I love our family.  I hope you enjoy what we've worked so hard on this season, and that you get to see some more of our behind the scenes action.  SEE YOU SOON KB! "