This will be Tatianna's first year at Kingdom Bound. She has been a part of XM for awhile. So ready to have a great time with her in New York!

"Hiiii! My name is Tatianna. I'm 13 years old and I have been in XM since the 6th grade. In the middle of 7th grade I took a break from drama and I missed being on stage and doing what I love. I love the people in XM and the amazingly fun times we have. I've realized that being in XM is a great way for me to show the gospel of God to people in DRAMA. This year, going into 9th grade, I performed my very first drama at camp. We had sooo much fun making this drama and although we had many ups and many downs it was all leading up to a great moment. Performing it on stage, in front of a lot of people? Nerve racking. Besides that, it was a great experience and once I got on stage, I wasn't nervous anymore because I knew that it was what God wanted me to do and he put me in XM for a reason. I have had so much fun these past 3-ish years and I plan to have much more fun as the years go by."