Tara was one of our youngest students last year and now she's back for her second year! Tara is a black belt, plays guitar, AND acts...talk about a triple threat! 

"Sometimes, roles can be hard. I had to learn that the hard way when the drama team cast me in a spot to where on stage, I had to act as if I was Bulimic. Let me just tell you that that's really hard to portray on stage when you don't do anything like that. The hardest part for me wasn't the motion but the facial expressions. It's easy to do the movement,  but from experience, that doesn't make you feel like you're actually in the scene, emotion does. That is why it's so hard but so important. It took me several practices to get it right, but in all, it made me a better actress and I'm just really glad that I got the opportunity to portray that character, and hopefully I get another opportunity soon!"