Katy has been with us since sixth grade. She has always helped us even when she wasn't going on a trip! She is a pro at recovering from embarrassing moments and great at knowing cues and the workings of all our productions!

"Hi guys! I’m so excited for Kingdom Bound this year and the awesome experiences I know are ahead of us. One of my favorite things that I’ve done this year is be in a new drama that we wrote to the song, Fake You Out! It’s a very technical drama, and I’ve fallen quite a few times as everyone knows lol. But my favorite part of the drama is the message behind it. This drama, in a very cool and dramatic way, shows someone struggling with depression and anxiety and it shows the way that these things can take over your life, hit you with it,and even become a very prominent part of you. But what Reggie had us do at camp was have the main person in the drama, who was struggling with depression and anxiety, yell “No, Jesus I’m all in!” and that was just to me the best way to end a drama, in offering a hopeful end in Jesus:)- Katy"