Briegette is going to be with us at Kingdom Bound for her second year! She is always fun to be around and we are so excited she's joining us!

"Fear. A four letter word that almost everyone deals with. Some fears are fears that are shared between a lot of people…like the fear of spiders, the fear of heights, and the fear of deep waters. Some of us face some more personal fears, like the fear of disappointment or the fear of judgment. Here at XM, fear is something we face and think about a lot. We pour our stories, emotions and fears into a 4 minute drama that is at the mercy of countless people. That can be very scary. But, at the end of the day, we know we're not alone. That girl that was sitting in the very back watching very intently? She faces the fear of not knowing if people care about her. The man who just thought he was at a different seminar but stayed anyway is scared that he won’t have a job by the end of the week. The mom sitting in the middle trying to keep her kids quiet is terrified that she's not adequate to be a mother. These stories and many more just like these are how and why we perform these dramas. Knowing that we can look out into the audience and know that we’re not alone and someone right then and there might be the slightest encouraged is how we press on. It’s how we can keep writing dramas and keep getting on stages. So, as you can see, we all have fears. And sometimes knowing that you're not alone in your fear is what gets you through them and onto the next day. Whatever you're fear is, you’re not alone. We all fear something whether we want to admit it or not. Keep going and know that one day, you’ll overcome this fear. You can do this.