Briegette is one of our team members who will be traveling to Kingdom Bound with us for the first time. She has been involved with XM Productions for about a year. She is about to start her freshman year of high school and we're so excited she's joining us! This blog she wrote is about her first performance with us outside of Xtreme, at Sparks youth camp this year! We performed one of our new dramas about the luggage we carry with us in life.


"When I found out that we were going to perform this drama at camp, I got excited. I had never performed in front of this large of a crowd, but I went with it. The Luggage Drama was more than just a production involving a plot and some baggage. For me, it was my own personal story. My story of struggling to carry the weight of all my baggage, my expectations, and reality. I practiced this drama so many times that I was pushed back the emotions it brought. The day we performed in front of the crowd at camp, I was an excited/nervous wreck. Once I was backstage, I became really nervous. Eventually, my adrenaline kicked in and I was full of energy. I waited anxiously for my cue and it finally came. Out we went and the drama started. I went through the steps and prayed I wouldn’t forget a scene, or worse, freeze up. It came to the part in the production where it’s just me, the stage, and the luggage. The music came to a low and I found myself relating to the lyrics. The lyrics were talking about not being good enough, but God saying that you are worthy and perfect in His eyes. That was my struggle. Feeling like I wasn’t good enough for someone or something. The emotions from my personal story kept being relived in my mind and I found myself internally crying out to God to take away all my baggage: my worry, anxiety, stress, and feeling of not being enough. I stood center stage, and dropped the luggage in my hands and finally my personal baggage. I dropped everything that had once held me back and let God take over. I walked off that stage, down the center aisle with my head held high knowing that God had set me free from all my baggage and that I was no longer defined by what that baggage had said about me."