Abby is a super enthusiastic, fun, hilarious member of our team! She wants everyone to know that she is awesome and the best. ;) 

"There are so many things I love about XM! One of them is being a part of the writing process. In XM we are also offered the great privilege of acting. There is something about seeing what you have helped write being used by God to change someone else's life.

It's not all serious, though! Sometimes we take time to just hang out. We've done everything from roller blading, going out to eat, and even the trip to Kingdom Bound. I love this crazy group of people!

I think everyone in XM can agree that we are like a second family for each other. Seriously. We definitely couldn't do anything like we do without each other.

Something I noticed when I first joined XM is that we are an inclusive group. It doesn't matter if you are in sixth grade or a high school grad, we are happy to have you there. This group is welcoming to everyone who steps in the door.

XM, like any group, has its ups and downs. Something anyone can realize though is that even if you spell "YOPE" instead of "HOPE," or accidentally apologize on stage; we stick together."