Hello there! It's been awhile. 

We have had the craziest of years. I've mentioned how XM was rebuilding, but I have never meant it as sincerely as I do right now. This season started with losing a good majority of our traveling team. College, adult jobs, and other crazy things have pulled them away and while I miss them, I am SO excited about the future of this group! We have been blessed by an amazing group of students who have been showing us how great they are this past year. I absolutely can NOT wait to introduce you to some of our new team. There are a few familiar faces, but so many you haven't seen as a part of XM. 

The group of students we have now are a little younger than our traveling teams of the past, which is super exciting. Younger means more uninterrupted years of them being on our team :) They have a strong desire to share the gospel with others and to use creative activities and stage performances to draw people into life change, a relationship with God, and sharing their story-which is what we're all about!

It's absolutely crazy to think of this journey we started on two years ago, our particular era of XM Productions. Every Story Counts was written, countless people have been ministered to, and we have grown as a group spiritually and creatively. We have been blessed with so many cool opportunities and it's so exciting to see where we were compared to where we are. Our student centered mentality has grown so much over the past year as all the performances we have done have been written by students in our group, and us leaders have let them take the reigns. 

I ask that you continue to pray for us in this journey as we grow in this ministry we have been provided with! We can't wait to join the people of upstate New York for one of our favorite weeks of the year, Kingdom Bound, in about three weeks! 

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You guys are the best.


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