Favorite color?
Red like my heart & my lipstick *peace sign emoji*

Favorite flavor of jello?

Favorite XM memory?
Performing Hope at Sparks Youth Camp whilst bawling my eyes out.

Favorite thing about XM?
Giggle circles with all my best friends over the years.

Anything else?
My eyes are different colors(one brown, one green)
Apparently I pronounce the word "ruined" incorrectly.

Amy has been a part of XM Productions for about 7 years. This will be her fourth trip to Kingdom Bound. She has performed on multiple stages throughout the years. Amy is always a trooper and helps us all the time(even though she doesn't always want to-she's a busy person!). She is also usually a participant in "Live at the youth building week" and we appreciate her so much! Plus, painting is on her list of special skills :)