Life has been crazy. We've been busy. Lots of stuff has been happening. It's been exciting...and hectic. Mostly exciting. :) Some crazy adventures have been had in the past month!

First things first, we performed Unbreakable! It was awesome. The students in it were awesome. Everything went as planned. All in all, it was a winner! We'll definitely be doing it again and traveling with it! If you haven't already-read about the making of Unbreakable here.

Our team that went to Dallas!

Our team that went to Dallas!

Secondly, we went on a road trip! A group of us(selected by who could miss school, isn't in school, or is homeschooled) traveled to Dallas, Texas to the National Youth Leaders Conference on March 23rd. We took some great students and performed Hope as well as a new, powerful piece. It was so much fun and a really great experience as we got to help Reggie Dabbs minister to youth leaders from all around the country. Also, our new production is simple but hits hard with what is going on in the world right now. You should go and read Pastor Kevin's blog about it here.

Next, the Gathering on Main happened on April 2nd! We had a great time talking to the community! As part of our NEW project, we got a donation of old t-shirts and Francyne made a design on a screen(You can see it in the pictures below). We spray painted that design onto these donated shirts on site at the Gathering. It was so much fun and the community loved it! We also got to debut our Encouragement Wall. This event made us even more excited about this season to come! *Pictures of this fun below!*

On April 11th, we went roller skating/blading! Denton, Francyne and I decided to get as many of the students that could make it together to skate as a celebration of how great they've been doing and their awesome performance of Unbreakable! It was SO much fun even though not everyone could make it.

Xtreme Prom!

Xtreme Prom!


And last but not least-we had Xtreme prom! Every year, our youth group puts on a prom that is always super fun. This year the theme was "Let it Glow" and we used some objects you wouldn't think of decorating with. If you want to see more about how the party was planned and all the thought that went into that-you can read more on my dear friend(and XM's Creative Director) Francyne's blog here.

What's next? We're writing a new production. We have another Gathering on Main coming up. We are getting ready for youth camp. Plus, we're writing our second book! We're excited and you should be too!

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That's all, yo. Thanks for reading. You're great.