As part of our "New" project, february has been the month to talk about brokenness. When "New" first started, we presented the team with the list of topics we were going to cover throughout the project. They took those words and thought of songs and plots for possible dramas for this season. The song "Shatter Me" by Lindsey Stirling was one of the songs they started writing a drama to. 

When it was decided that february would be the month we spoke about brokenness, we got to work on a drama. "Shatter Me" seemed an obvious choice...I mean, things that are shattered are broken, right? Where to go from there? We weren't quite sure. The idea of being broken is pretty heavy and can be taken in lots of different directions. Even the song is a little bit on the heavier side. We discussed being broken hearted, having your spirit broken and breaking yourself, but we wanted to find a lighter way to make this all happen.

A few group writing sessions happened, then we realized the drama needed to be finished. So, being on a time crunch, Denton, Francyne and myself(armed with written ideas from most members of the team) finished the writing. Everyone had agreed on wanting music box ballerinas as the centerpiece of the story. The problem was figuring out what to do with that. How do you turn a toy into something relatable?

What we ended up with is probably a little more far fetched and imaginative than what we've been doing lately. The thing is-it works. This captivating story of a broken ballerina being replaced by other toys(I won't lie and say there isn't a Barbie in there!) and only a soldier standing up for her is something that I didn't know would for sure work until I saw it on the stage. It has come alive and shown that a little bit of cheesy isn't always bad. We don't want to give too much away before our performance, but it's gonna be fabulous!

One of the most exciting parts of Unbreakable is that all but one of the cast members are in 6th-9th grade! Don't get me wrong-we love our old people, but it's so exciting to have talented young people up on the stage! 

Anyway, Wednesday March 11, XM Productions will be debuting this story. It's been two weeks coming(delayed because of snow), but it will be here and we're excited! 

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Peace out, yo.
-Amanda :)