Practices are in full swing as we continue to write, think up, and dream up this 2015 season. We are currently working on a new piece that deals with brokenness and it's pushing our creative limits when it comes to things we've never done before. In our practice yesterday we were working on the whole piece and got a little overwhelmed by how many complicated parts that we need to write and choreograph. This included choreography for three ballerinas. The talented dancers in our group got started with some lovely moves, but there was still plenty of work to be done on their parts. So with the ballerina dance parts in mind we got on youtube for some inspiration, had everyone get in a line and we all learned some basic ballet.

After an hour and a half of some serious practicing it was nice to be silly for a bit and take the pressure of imminent deadlines off of our students. Not to mention that it was incredibly entertaining to watch as well. 

The good that came out of it is that as we continued to work on it and take bits and pieces of moves that we liked. We were able to completely choreograph the ballerina parts that we needed. So as we go into our next practice we will have something in depth to teach! We are so incredibly excited about whats to come, and we hope you will come on this journey with us!

Happy Friday!