Hi! My name is Brandy. I'm 20 years old. My story begins when I was 16. About that time I began making some bad choices that led to me being trapped in sin. Every time I tried to fix it on my own, I failed. I kept asking for forgiveness from God, but I kept finding myself going right back to it. I felt alone. Like I was some kind of freak, and my friends would never look at me the same if they knew. After about 2 years of this, I heard a sermon about confessing your sin to God, and then your friends for accountability. This time it hit home. I finally broke past my pride and told friends. Unlike what I had feared, they didn't treat me any differently. They loved me the same and kept me accountable. As a result, I've found freedom again! Sometimes it's still hard, but in Christ I am a new creation! The old is gone. Now I can chase my dreams of medical missions without fear and guilt. You are not a freak. And you are not alone. Freedom will come if you'll allow God to have full reign of your life.