What I hope people can learn from my story is that you can have confidence in yourself and in who God made you. I didn’t have a lot of confidence in myself or in the decisions I made. This year at camp, Reggie was speaking about walking through a door. Walking through the door showed that you were walking into a new chapter of your life and getting rid of everything that was holding you back. I walked through with my friends and other people because they needed support. But I wasn’t going to walk through the door for me. My best friend knew that I needed to walk through the door and she made me.  I was so broken that I couldn’t walk through by myself. My best friend basically carried me through the door. After I walked through the door I just felt the presence of God. The Lord said to me, “You can have confidence in yourself because of what I did for you.” I am so thankful that God changed me and I’m never going back.