Hi, I’m Denton Highfield and I am part of XM Productions. Some of my short term goals are to finish high school drawing and painting more, as well as improving on my piano skills.  My long term goal is to become a youth pastor. I come from a poor family where my father was verbally abusive. When I was young, my mom would go off to buy groceries or something and he would tell my brother, sister, and me that she had left our family and that she would never come back because she hated us. I would sit there and cry forever-sometimes late at night-because I didn’t think my mom was coming back, and sometimes it all still hurts. I have been lucky because I’ve had great friends to encourage and support me through this. This has been very hard on the rest of my family as well. However, my father has recently made a transition out of my family for the better. Even though the past can sometimes hurt, its important to keep looking to the future. You can’t change your past but you can learn from and the mistakes others make to become a better person.