This was a drama that was produced at the request of someone we have the benefit to work with closely on occasion, Reggie Dabbs. He mentioned the song in conversation one day, picturing people with cardboard signs and written on them was the question "What If". 

As the conversation went on someone mentioned a big door on stage that changed peoples views. Or changed the words on the signs as they went through it to show people the things that made people act the way they do. To bring about the whole point of seeing things from someone else's point of view. 

After working on this for a bit the door was the hardest part to create. With some 2X4s that were lying around and a foam core door with a double hinge it wasn't an expensive prop to make. The difficult part was putting it on wheels. The frame itself had 4 casters on it and the doors weight would shift causing the door to drag. This was solved by putting a smaller caster on just the outer part of the door to keep it off the ground. We had to notch out the door a bit to get the same hight and let the door open and close but it was a simple fix.

The cardboard signs were picked up from the UPS store. We decided we wanted a clean and crisp look on the cardboard. The UPS store made all the cardboard to the specs we wanted and picked them up the next day. 

The letters were just vinyl cut and printed from a local sign company. and from there it was about an hour of work for three people to peel and stick all the words on the signs.