I was born in England,and then shortly after being born, I moved to America. After living in Midwest City, OK I moved to Owasso, OK. This is the town in which I have lived for the past 13 years. My childhood was fairly normal, I was always outside doing weird things. In the fourth grade a new girl move to town; our parents worked together; we became best friends shortly after meeting. She started saying things to me, things one wouldn't expect a friend to say. However, I just thought she was trying to help me out. It wasn't until I had a black eye and had been publicly humiliated that I realized she had been bullying me. I talked to the principal and our classes were changed. Then came sixth grade. It was a new year and a new school so I thought everything would be different; however, the pain that I had gone through in 4/5 grade was still there, and I could not let it go. Throughout middle school, and into high school people continued to say hurtful words to me. I was told to go back to the Holocaust, I looked like a kid from Africa, I was ugly, too skinny, worthless, weird. Girls in the bathroom would often stare at me and ask what I did to make myself so skinny. Through out the years the pain built up and I couldn't see myself for who I was in Jesus: all I saw was what other people called me. Then one year at camp I responded to an alter call  and prayed. I cried. After having cried most of the makeup off of my eyes and onto my cheeks, I went back to the cabin. I proceeded to take off the makeup and looked into the mirror. Instead of calling myself the words I had been called, I called my self beautiful. This was the first time in close to five years I had called myself beautiful, and not worthless or ugly. God opened up my eyes and allowed me to see that I was beautiful. Beauty is not wholly external. It originates inside and flows outward. God is continuing to open up my eyes, and has helped me close the doors on some insecurity. I am currently on the mission to inspire other's to embrace who they are in Jesus. The most beautiful thing you can be is you. #youbeyou #LLK