On September 2nd, XM Productions had the opportunity to try some of our old and new interactive ideas on our own youth group! We got to share what we've been doing with our friends at Xtreme.

One of the guys family groups "letting go"

One of the guys family groups "letting go"

Perspective is one of the new subjects we decided to do an activity with. From most angles it looked like a bunch of tape, but from one exact spot, you could tell what it really was.


This activity was set up with tape the night before and while it was really simple, the message was important.  It may be hard to see why certain things happen to you, but God can see your life from that one exact spot where everything looks the right way. There's always a reason, God always has a plan. 

It was such a great night having the students in XM share with their friends our passions for their stories, miracles, and even their birthdays(because everyone's birthday is today!)

Here are some more pictures of our fun night at Xtreme!